New ACO Threshold Drain Accessory
January 2021

New ACO Threshold Drain ø110mm Bottom Outlet

ACO is proud to announce a new accessory to support the rapid increase in demand of applications for the ACO Threshold Drain channel.
About ACO Threshold Drain

Manufactured from extruded plastic and aluminium, ACO Threshold Drain eliminates water ponding at house entrances.

ACO Threshold Drain comes complete with either a silver or black aluminium Heelguard grating suitable for A 15 applications and pedestrian traffic. The discreet system has a width of 60mm and is available in 1m lengths.

With a range of accessories available from corner units to vertical outlets, it is now being used much more as part of a modern patio drainage system.

The new ACO Threshold Drain ø110mm Bottom Outlet, has an offset positioning to allow for the drainage channel to be positioned adjacent to the building, while still connecting to a ø110mm pipe system without the need for extra shims or converters.
Features include:

Off-centre style to allow for perfect channel positioning
Click fit to Threshold Drain channel
Outlet to connect to ø110mm pipe work
Drill Line indicator