Tile Trace 3
January 2021

Although last year’s design shows were unable to go ahead due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, our Design Team have been working hard to compile our latest issue of the Tile Trace, outlining emerging trends and inspirations.

download tile trace issue 3 here:


Following a turbulent 2020, moving into the new year brings even more change. We’ve compiled our latest issue of the Tile Trace trend report to outline emerging trends, colour palettes, and design inspiration for 2021.

Ultimate Gray & Illuminating
Pantone's Colour of the year 2021 selects not one colour, but two: Ultimate Gray & Illuminating. The union of the two colours offsets optimism with reliability. The bright, vivacious tones of Illuminating create a pop of colour, whilst Ultimate Gray is a soothing, understated shade.

Serenity explores Japanese traditions and influences to encourage a natural balance to modern life. The importance of shape is seen in the presence of Origami and concertina folds, paired with a colour palette varying from earthy terracotta to rich indigo.

Spirituality comes to the fore with this trend, with a grounding colour palette of natural tones including deep greens and rich indigos. This is supported by elements of mindfulness juxtaposed with luxury materials for a touch of glamour.

For more information on these trends and others, Download the full Tile Trace trend report for free.