MACCAFERRI Life after lockdown – surviving Covid-19
December 2020

Life after lockdown: Maccaferri team is now back at full strength
We are delighted to have the final furloughed staff at Maccaferri back to work following this unprecedented period

The global pandemic has caused unrest in all industries within the UK and the world. Part of the Maccaferri team have worked throughout this period and part of the team were furloughed; we’re glad to say that everyone is now back to work, off furlough and raring to go for the end of the year and 2021.

Our Marketing hasn’t been manned to a high extent and in the next few weeks you’ll see newsletters, new webinars for you to join and learn, new software and a greater visibility from the Maccaferri team which is both positive and exciting. The UK construction market has proven to be more resilient than initially expected. Our construction division has a strong pipeline and our factory in Yorkshire is busy. Let’s hope our industry can sustain the momentum.