Types and Considerations of Slip Resistant Matting Options
October 2020

The reliability and safety features of mats in residential or commercial settings have been proved quite often. In recent times, these simple mats have evolved into anti-slip matting and slip-resistant tapes or grip treads, all of which are considered economical options depending on their use. These anti-slip options fall into two categories, 1) general purpose and 2) special purpose.

General Purpose – General-purpose anti-slip solutions are used on walkways, floors, and entrances in general residential or commercial places.

Special Purpose – These floor mat options are designed for specific purposes such as hospital floors or sensitive chemical environments that need traction.

Types of Anti Slip Matting
Based on their use, there are various antislip matting options from which to choose:

Floor Mats
Floor mats are the most common type of matting option that provides protection from slippery walkways or entrances to your home or office. Usually placed on hard or marble floors that are quick to get slippery when wet, these mats keep such areas accident-free, avoiding injuries. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose accordingly.

Wet Area Mats for Liquid Dispersion
Wet areas are places where most slips and falls occur because the area becomes too slippery due to being constantly wet. Anti-slip matting for wet areas helps disperse liquid and keep the people walking on them secure from slips and falls. An advantage of wet area mats is that they're quite versatile, meaning you can use them in various other settings.

Outdoor Mats
Outdoor mats come in more sturdy and durable designs compared to standard anti-slip matting since they have to withstand the harsh weather conditions outdoors. These mats endure extreme climatic conditions and retain their anti-slip features for more extended periods than others.

Acupressure Mats
These mats are specifically designed to reduce pressure by being placed where you typically stand for long periods, such as near the kitchen counter, or in front of the pantry. These mats have muscle relaxant capabilities along with a strong base and anti-slip features and can be used anywhere you desire.

Considerations to Make Before Buying
Decide why you need anti-slip matting and where it will go before picking up your keys and going to buy it.

Anti-slip mats must have excellent traction and grip even when wet or coated with oil or grease.
Different applications require different types of matting. If you need a mat where only water is present, it may be different from a mat that is anti-slip for both oil and water. Consider what you need the mat for before buying it so that it satisfies your requirements.
Consider its quality and its resistance against chemicals or other substances, as they will outlast other cheaper materials. Quality mats will also sustain their anti-slip properties longer than other materials.

Look for custom mats that can be cut to fit different areas and provide anti-slipping protection for such areas.

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