The advantages that coir matting offers amidst the social distancing measures
October 2020

Coir matting also goes by the name of coconut matting, and has been a subject of debate for the matting industry for a decent amount of time, so why not set the record straight? Here we discuss the advantages of coir matting amidst the social distancing measures to let you know why it is right for you and your premises.

The low price point of coir matting is one of its biggest advantages, especially during this pandemic when the price of everything has skyrocketed dramatically. You could probably get a coir doormat for as little as two quid at your homeware store or local supermarket. For custom sizes and for commercial/industrial premises you can also purchase coil (Coir) matting on the roll from MatsDirect, In DDA compliant 17mm thickness only

The natural look of coir makes it an appealing choice for entrance matting. It can also be dyed in different set colours to match your decor

Alternatively, coir matting can also be made into social distance awareness mats. These mats encourage people to stand at least 2m apart to keep the staff and customers safer.

Wiping and scraping properties
Due to the texture of coir matting, it has good wiping and scraping properties, as long as the condition of the mat is good. The coconut fibres wipe and scrape water and dirt from the bottom of footwear, holding onto it to prevent your floors from becoming a slip hazard.

Coir matting is available in 17mm thickness to conform to the current DDA regulations relating to public entrances

Good for recesses or mat wells
Coir matting can be cut to almost any shape or size and laid side by side, making it a decent choice for use in recesses or mat wells. Make sure the depth of the matwell is sufficient ) to ensure that it suits flush with the flooring surface to avoid trips.

So, if you want to display social distancing signs on clean, smooth coir mats for use in retail premises, contact MatsDirect today. Our mats have a textured surface, designed to prevent slipping. With MatsDirect, get your social distance awareness game up by a notch. The world will appreciate your generous contribution!