ION Glass - Planning to meet
October 2020

The current restrictions on larger gatherings have highlighted an ongoing need for smaller spaces.
Structural glass is perfect when there is a need to divide larger spaces and create functional meeting rooms with minimal physical or visual impact to the original structure of the building.
Allow several different gatherings to take place concurrently
Create private spaces for confidential discussion
Structural glass has no impact on light flow
Concealed fittings ensure the original architecture is fully retained
Use clear, opaque or switchable glass
Acoustic glass for added privacy or audible impact
Reduce or minimise heating costs
Easy to clean, maintain and sanitise
Check out these varied installations by Ion Glass
Switchable glass screens meeting room
This project at St Dionis church in Parson’s Green, London, makes use of switchable glass screens to create a meeting room with the option of complete privacy when required. The glass was precisely measured to fit accurately around the corbels of each individual arch.

A series of meeting rooms were created on a mezzanine floor at St Mary’s on the Quay in Ipswich. Floor to ceiling glass panels ensure maximum light flow and uninterrupted views of the the nave. Additional panels were fitted to protect the stained glass windows and minimise external noise.

Structural glass meeting rooms at Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square were created in acoustic glass for privacy and fitted with additional metal screens to maintain the look and feel of the original arts and crafts building. They are used as a creche during services as well as for private meetings.

Inspired? Ion Glass will provide the technical and design expertise to ensure your vision in structural glass fully meets all requirements.

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