October 2020


This former Central London office building, located in the Charlotte Street conversation area, has recently been refurbished and extended to include a single storey roof extension, also adding flexible
use space at ground and lower ground level with office space above.

Windows were replaced and the existing render was removed to reveal the brickwork underneath.

Four different samples of KEIM Restauro ® Lasur were tested, with the final selection of colour 9552 from our KEIM Exclusiv colour swatch.

Stagg Architects were in consultation with the local Conservation Officer and the colour was chosen to work in harmony with stone buildings in the area and the Grade II Listed modernist building next door.

KEIM Restauro ® Lasur is a mineral colourwash system. It can used to create a subtle homogenous decorative effect for brickwork, or colour match and blend in different colour bricks and repairs (also available for natural stone).

It can be used to totally transform a brick façade, as seen in this Whitfield Street project example.

KEIM Restauro ® Lasur is a waterborne product containing only natural ingredients It creates a microporous, moisture vapour permeable chemical bond with the mineral substrate it is applied onto.

The product helps protect the brickwork and adds a degree of water repellence due to its molecular size when cured within the substrate.

Only natural earth oxide colour pigments are used and these colours are guaranteed not to fade or be affected by UV light.

Being a two part system, the colour effect can be made opaque 1 1 mix ratio) or quite translucent 6 1 mix ratio as an example) Adding
more of the KEIM Restauro ® Fixativ to the colour pigment makes for a more translucent effect.

A black wash is proving very popular at the moment to mimic or match carbonated effects to brick facades.

KEIM Restauro ® Lasur is naturally light reflective and will enhance the appearance of a treated façade.

With an increasing awareness of climate change and a requirement to reduce carbon emissions within the construction industry, 27 29 Whitfield Street is a fantastic example of putting reuse into

With some careful thought, consideration and design, it is possible to retain and modernise existing facades and building structures for
future occupants and generations to enjoy.

We are delighted that we were specified for this project and the reduced impact that has been made on the environment.

for more information about this project take a look at our case study either in our literature view here on or visit our website at

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