Rundum Meir - Round-House Garage Surrey
September 2020

Stunning round-house garage built as part of a project to renovate and extend a Grade II listed property.

The garage design sought to replicate a traditional coach house in order to fit with the Surrey vernacular.

By adopting a curved shape to the garage, which effectively created a roundhouse, the architect created a building with reduced visual impacts as the removal of the corners narrows the building’s appearance.

Curved, solid oak Rundum Original doors were specified – top hung and automated.

The two semi-circles or curved openings at each end of the garage span 10m, totalling 20 metres of garage doors, divided into four automated bi-parting 5m doors.

A particular challenge was ensuring that the doors look a continuous part of the external cladding.

Aesthetics were of paramount importance as the large private family home was originally designed and built by eminent exponent of the vernacular tradition and Arts & Crafts in architecture, Harold Falkner.