What Are The Different Types Of Welding Hinges?
September 2020

When you’re choosing hinges for your next project, you want strength, mobility, quality materials and a trusted supplier. At Barrier Components, we offer a range of different types of welding hinges, all of which are going to give you the performance and reliability you need for the job.

Butt hinges are arguably the most common type of welding hinge. They work by joining two objects that close together and butt up against each other. For example, you could use a small ornate butt hinge for a small closing box, or a large industrial butt hinge for a warehouse door, but the mechanism is the same. In the past, where you had a carpeted surface that might cause a problem for the opening of a door, you might have used a rising butt hinge that lifts the door up slightly, but these aren’t so common these days.

If the material you’re attaching your hinge to is a little too thin for a substantial butt hinge, you might go for a backflap welding hinge. Backflap welding hinges are an extra-strong hinge generally used for welding onto steel doors, perfect for heavier duty applications.

Flag welding hinges allow you to remove the door or other surfaces to which the hinge is attached because the hinge has male and female parts that slot conveniently into each other. The pin that holds them together is not separate but is attached to one or the other of the sides of the hinge. For the right job, this is an ingenious option.

Universal welding hinges have a range of uses. Made with steel and containing a brass washer, these are quality products with versatility. Varieties include spring hinges, grease point hinges as well as hinges with ball bearings.

Fire Butt hinges have regulations that need to be followed by law, so make sure you get the right kind of certified hinge if you’re fitting a fire door.

Finally, basic tee hinges come in black or silver and tend to be used on sheds and gates where security is not too much of an issue. They have a long arm to spread the weight of the suspended door over a larger area.

Whether you’re looking for gate hinges, swing door hinges, or hinges for any other project, just take a look at our product range online, and contact us if you need further advice.