September 2020

16-26 Park Crescent Mews West, London

This Grade I Listed residential building was granted planning permission in 2015 to be demolished and redeveloped. It was originally designed by John Nash in the early 19th century and is situated opposite Regents Park.

KEIM Soldalit Fixativ was applied onto the newly lime render, followed by a two-coat application of KEIM Soldalit in a bespoke colour. KEIM Soldalit is a modern, innovative mineral paint which creates lightfast and UV resistant coatings, perfect for the location of this project.

Onto the lead surfaces, we recommended KEIM Royalan due to its advanced formulation.


* KEIM Silan Primer
* KEIM Soldalit Fixativ
* KEIM Soldalit
* KEIM Royalan

Specifier: PDP London
Applicator: Stonewest Ltd

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