Fordingbridge - Enhancing investments around outside play
August 2020

With a firm focus on health, and an even greater emphasis on the benefits of outside learning and play, it is unsurprising that many are looking to weatherproof their outside facilities. Not only will this protect both the equipment and the user, but also ensure that it’s full use can be realised throughout the year.

Fordingbridge work with businesses, leisure operators and educators to ensure that any investments in outside play equipment can be fully appreciated throughout the year, no matter the weather. Our canopies are designed to not only protect against rain, but also take sun into account. Our Opal 60 roof fabric, as shown in the picture above, not only blocks UV but still allows a generous 60% light transmission, meaning that the area is safe for the youngest users, but without the need for additional lighting.

If you are looking to install outside gym or play equipment at your school or attraction, ensure you plan a canopy into the design so that your pupils and guests can enjoy the benefits all year come rain or shine. Have a look and see how teachers at Ashley College built a canopy into their plans for weather proofing their outside areas.