SAS One coat render NEW How To, and NEW thin coat info
July 2020

Back and busy! It's render season

Welcome back!
It is great to see sites back to work with busy applicators and high confidence in construction for the UK. Take a look at:

GoRend HBS one coat scratch render Our great value, crowd-pleasing durable render, especially for new blockwork
ProRend Colourtex silicone resin thin coat Our modern render system, with a highly weatherproof finish

SAS can keep you stocked with render, beads, basecoats and paints with FAST delivery to site for standard products.
Coloured render for fast application
We are continuing to get great feedback for GoRend HBS, have you tried it yet? Choose from 13 colours, we can deliver quickly to site for hand or spray application.

GoRend HBS coloured render in action
GoRend HBS is fast to apply in one coat, embedded with GoMesh glass fibre render reinforcing mesh. Take five minutes and watch our application video where we apply the dark grey 'Dolphin' colour straight to blockwork.

Our technical team say “It mixes to a reliably good texture and has excellent workability, so flat, sharp surfaces can be achieved quickly. GoRend HBS is fantastic to work with, I think anyone who tries it will be immediately impressed.”