Klober - Introducing the Permo range of roofing membranes
June 2020

Introducing the Permo range of roofing membranes
June 01st 2020
The Permo range offers superior performance, to ventilate the roof and help to reduce heat loss. Whilst all of Klober’s products conform to the relevant Building Regulations and British Standards and are backed by a 10 year guarantee.

Permo Air - the UK's most breathable air-open membrane

Klober Permo Air is the most air permeable, low-resistance underlay on the market. It is the ideal solution where there is a high risk of condensation forming – and is particularly ideal for new builds, during the drying out period.

Why choose Permo Air?

Over 13% more breathable than any other ‘air open’ underlay currently on the market.
BBA approved and NHBC approved for no additional high ventilation required, saving time and cost.
Strong 3-layer recyclable fleece, with superior nail tear strength.
Available in two sizes - 1m x 50m and 1.5m x 50m.


Suitable for Cold and Warm Roofs.
Wind zones 1-3 and all zones with tape.

Check out some of our Permo Air case studies: Historic Australian building restoration, Grade 1 listed church re-roof and £3m school extension.

Permo Forte - The strongest of the Permo range complete with a reinforced safety grid

Klober Permo Forte is a strong, 4-layer, low vapour resistance, permeable membrane with a built-in safety grid. Available with or without self-adhesive tape and suitable for all pitched roofs. It is a particularly effective solution for controlling interstitial condensation and has the best resistance in the marketplace.

Why choose Permo Forte?

Reinforced grid provides superior strength and added safety benefits.
BBA approved low resistance membrane, however will require high level ventilation to meet BS5250.
Available with fitted self-adhesive strips to provide water tightness and strong protection against winds.
Available in three sizes - 1.5m x 50m, 1.1m x 50m and 1.5m x 50m with tape


Suitable for Cold and Warm Roofs
Wind zones 1-4, and all zones with tape

To find out more, read our case study on where Permo Forte was used for a 13th century church restoration ​project.

Permo Extreme - Strong, watertight and the UK's leading low pitched membrane

Klober Permo Extreme is a tear-resistant membrane designed for use on low roof pitches and complex roofs. Whilst it includes two fitted self-adhesive strips, which provide a permanent seal of overlaps and immediate weatherproofing protection against wind, rain and snow.

Why choose Permo Extreme?

Perfect for roof pitches as low as 12.5°.
The fitted self-adhesive strips provide water tightness and strong protection against winds.
Its high-temperature stability enables it to be installed under solar panels.
Available in two sizes - 1.5m x 50m and 1.5m x 25m.


Minimum roof pitch of 12.5° for interlocking tiles, 15° for slates and 22.5° for plain tiles.
Wind zones 1 - 5.

To find out more about low pitch membrane solutions, read our latest blog on how specifying the right membrane will ensure an efficient low pitch roofing solution without compromising on performance.

To find out more about the Permo range or to place your order, call our Internal Sales Team on 01332 813050