Lynvale going above and beyond in the fight against Covid-19
June 2020

Haverhill company is working round the clock to provide vital safety equipment in the fight against covid-19

A Haverhill company that converts adhesive tapes and foams used in manufacturing and construction has been working night and day to help the fight against Covid-19 by making millions of parts used in personal protective equipment (PPE).

The team at Lynvale Adhesive Tapes, which also operates two other divisions; Affixit and Affixit Craft, has been working flat out to play its part in the supply of face visors and ventilators used by the NHS, care and social care workers.

Production at Lynvale’s facility on the Lime Grove Estate, in Falconer Road has, said January Baxendale, who owns the business with husband Simon, ‘been turned upside down’, with manufacturing intensifying since late March.

January said: “We reacted to what they (customers) wanted and have made about 3 million foam parts that are going into visors and we have also produced, with our own machinery, a basic face visor".

“We are in a position to help and our team has been magnificent".

“They have been working weekends, longer hours and whatever is necessary. We have to tell them ‘enough is enough, lets go home, let’s rest".

She added: “Foam tapes can be used to bond, seal (creating dust/air and water seals) cushion.

“With regard to PPE the properties most readily wanted have been either sealing (creating air tight seals in ventilators) and cushioning used in PPE face shields/visors.

“Foams can be supplied with adhesive on one side or both or even non-adhesive if required and can be cut into bespoke rolls and custom shapes/gaskets within our Haverhill factory.”

The products have been sent out to customers in all parts of the UK and in Ireland, both directly and indirectly to the NHS and to other sectors.

After the coronavirus lockdown started on March 23 the company initially furloughed members of its team due to the initial drop in orders before the PPE demand grew, explained January.

She added: “We also furloughed to protect our team whilst we found our path to safe working practices.

“We will not be claiming furlough relief from the government.

“We believe that if your business can support furlough pay that it is wrong to claim from the government’s purse that is there to help those that really need it.”