GDF Suez
June 2020

The client took the top two floors of this new building in Leeds and it was identified that the height and exposed nature of the site meant that sun angles and glare were going to pose a problem with computer screens.

Additionally there was a requirement for the blinds to help reduce solar gain in the summer. So Dearnleys supplied and fitted Astralux 3000 roller blind systems with manual side chain operation. These roller blinds were fitted with a screen fabric with a 1% openness to effectively control light and reduce heat gains.

On this site the client had a specific requirement for a branded blind across the length of one wall. Dearnleys supplied and fitted a Silent Gliss 2700 Panel Blind with the panels screen printed to the client’s exact requirements. This blind was manually operated and the panels can be drawn when required.

In total over 200 blinds were installed on this project.

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