Case Study - Birds Eye, Lowestoft
June 2020

The client had tasked Tor Coatings with finding a practical, long-term solution to a problem roof, with a number of leaks. Being in close proximity to the East Anglia coastline, the roof was exposed to sea air and the elements. The original surface was comprised of felt and asphalt.

There were many challenges to contend with including roof-mounted plant, pipes, protrusions and large air-cooling units; which are essential to the running of the facility below. Repairing the roof with traditional materials such as felt or asphalt was not an option as these systems require the existing waterproofing to be removed and replaced, leaving the production facility compromised during the repairs. The Elastaseal™ liquid applied membrane was applied over the existing roofing layers, allowing the production to continue uninterrupted.

Tor Coatings and Capital Roofing decided upon the Elastaseal™ cold liquid applied roof coating system which can be applied over an existing roof membrane using brushes and rollers and, when cured, forms a seamless, breathable, waterproof barrier. The safe, cold,
liquid nature of the product meant the business could operate with the minimum amount of disruption during the installation.

The Elastaseal™ system will protect the Birds Eye roof from the elements for the next 25 years, meaning it won’t need further maintenance until at least 2035. A clean down and another simple application of the coating at that time will deliver a further 10 years protection. The system is guaranteed by Tor Coatings and has been approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Capital Roofing went on to win the Liquid Applied Waterproofing category at The Roofing Awards Annual Congress in 2010 for the project.

Key benefits:
• Seamless membrane ensures no roof leaks

• System overlaid onto exisitng roof saving time and avoiding the disruption of removing the old roofing system

• Low odour membrane allows use in many areas where solvent smells would be preventative

• Tough, flexible membrane that allows to structure to breathe

• Excellent Health and Safety Profile

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