Rockpanel Metallics for a clean, industrial look
May 2020

Aluminium facade cladding: what are the options?

Metal facade cladding can be roughly divided into two categories. First of all, you have facade boards of pure aluminium, zinc, copper or stainless steel. These are light, pliable and easy to install. Unfortunately, they’re also relatively expensive and vulnerable to dents. Next to that, within some combinations corrosion may occur. For copper and zinc cladding, another issue is the potential danger for the environment when they come in contact with rain water.

Another type of metal facade cladding are composite panels, also known as sandwich panels. Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs), for example, consist of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets, bonded to core of other material. In many cases, plastics are used here, giving these panels a poor reaction to fire.
Firesafe and sustainable alternative to metal facade cladding

Are you looking to create a beautiful, sleek metallic look for your house or (company) building and are (fire) safety and the environment important assets to you? Then Rockpanel Metallics is just what you need! Rockpanel facade boards are a natural product: they are made of compressed stone fibres, making them durable, robust and yet very light.

The Rockpanel Metallics range consists of multiple colours, which allows you to always create the perfect aluminium look you have in mind. Graphite grey and anthracite are also available, and there’s even a gorgeous golden variant!