JAGA - Trench Climate Convectors
May 2020

Trench heating has been around for many decades. In traditional simple terms, trench heating consists of a duct that is installed in the floor, within the duct is a hot water heat exchanger and on top is a surface grille fitted flush to the floor. Resultant natural warm air convection provides primarily a thermal screen preventing the formation of condensation on glazed facades and stops cold draughts at low level. It also contributes in part, or in whole, to heating the complete space.

Although the term ‘Trench Heating’ is still commonly used, the reality is that the traditional product has been developed to offer an awful lot more than just heating. With the changing climate, comfort cooling and ventilation is equally important. Today’s modern buildings can be complex in respect of M&E design and occupants require thermal comfort and good air quality throughout the year.

Today, Jaga prefers the term ‘Trench Climate Convectors’ as our product range can offer the three HVAC elements in one single unit. Furthermore, solutions can be specified to satisfy demands for whole spaces, be them residential or commercial.

Two and four pipe water heat exchangers can provide heating and high capacity cooling for a wide range of applications. Speed controllable dynamic fans deliver precisely the correct amount of air distribution in every operating mode, this is particularly important for air quality.

Jaga is now developing an all-electric climate convector to meet increasing demands to satisfy London’s aspirations of becoming an all-electric capital by 2035.

Stand-alone units are typical for residential applications; for commercial buildings tailored solutions provide aesthetically pleasing detail that match the profile of the building façade. A comprehensive range of grilles finishes are available that are robust, long-lasting and decorative to please the eye of the most demanding architect. Additional features include continuous linear and curved grilles, together with special angles to exactly match the most complex façade design.

Resourceful engineers utilise the duct channels used in trench climate convectors to install other non-related services, be them electrical or hydraulic.

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