Honeywell Gent, CPDs go online
May 2020

Honeywell Gent - CPDs go online!

Honeywell Gent offer a number of UK CPD (and CIBSE) accredited seminars, ranging from British Standards and industry regulations to compliance and detector spacing.

During these unprecedented times of uncertainty and not being able to carry these sessions face to face, we are running a series of our most popular seminars to keep you educated and ensure you can still gain your CPD points.

Comply, Stay Alive - Monday, 11th May
Stacey Adams presents ‘Comply, Stay Alive!’ An eye-opening CPD which focuses on a real life fatal fire incident in a care home. Explore what went wrong and gain knowledge of how the latest standards and fire technology is being implemented to prevent similar tragedies.
Comply, Stay Alive! is accredited by CPD UK and CIBSE.

Don't be Alarmed! - Wednesday 13th May
Paul Moorghen presents ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’. A guideline for designers on the use of VA/PA systems and how they are used in conjunction with a fire detection system, incorporating requirements of BS 5839-8: 2013.
Don't be alarmed! is accredited by CPD UK and CIBSE

False Alarms be gone! - Friday 15th May
Peter Wells presents ‘False Alarms Be-gone’. This presentation is a guide to understanding how and why false alarms occur and what we can do to reduce them. We describe common everyday problems and provide solutions to reduce and/or potentially avoid future false alarms. Whilst it may be impossible to eliminate them completely, we investigate available systems and technologies along with good management and maintenance of systems to reduce them to a manageable level.
False Alarms Be-gone is accredited by CPD UK

Watching the detectors - Monday 18th May
Gary Elson presents ‘Watching The Detectors’. This presentation takes a detailed look at sections 21 & 22 of BS5839-1:2017 which covers the various types of detectors, their selection and siting.
Watching the Detectors is accredited by CPD UK