Covid-19 Technibond Response
March 2020

I'd like to give you a detailed explanation of Technibond's current status regarding Covid-19 and the reasons behind it.

Some of our customers have taken the decision to close their companies while others are remaining open. Technibond has made the decision to remain open. Some companies who are closing have cited Government advice as the reason. This is not our understanding. While the Prime Minister on Monday evening seemed to be suggesting we should all close, clarification by ministers the next morning and since then was more precise. It has clearly been stated that construction, at least on large projects, should continue and that manufacturing should continue, Further, it has been said that people should work remotely if they possibly can, but where that is not possible people should still go to work while closely following the social distancing instructions. This is the guidance we are following. If Government advice changes we will, of course, review our situation.

Our priorities are twofold, firstly to protect our own people and secondly to continue to service our customers, some of whom supply hospitals and other critical areas.

Clearly, as a manufacturer most of our people cannot work remotely. We are therefore taking all the precautions we can, to safeguard our people. Our premises measure around 25,000 square feet and are occupied by less than 20 people at any one time, so all our people can work well separated by one another. We are strictly enforcing the social distancing rules. We have placed hand sanitizers at all entrances (and at other locations) and it is mandatory for anyone entering to sanitize their hands. We have also placed disinfectant wipes where any keyboards are shared.Our washrooms are well equipped with disposable towels and liquid soap. Our location is not well served by public transport so almost all our people come to work in their own cars.

A few of our people can work remotely, in whole or part, and they are doing so. We are investing in better technology to allow them to be more effective and to be able to communicate better with our customers.

We are determined to continue to support our customers without any deterioration in our service product and delivery. We always keep very high stocks of our raw materials but are increasing these further. All our main suppliers are working normally and we understand that the EC will prioritize maintaining trade. Our reputation is based on reliability and quality and we intend to maintain this despite what is a very difficult time for all of us.

I wish you and your business all the best and I assure you that Technibond will do all it can to help you through this crisis. Keep safe.

Yours sincerely
Mike Summers
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