3 Stannah goods lifts support growing CLEAN Yeovil laundry
March 2020

A trio of Stannah Goodsmaster CD goods-only lifts has been installed in the Yeovil branch of CLEAN Linen and Workwear.

Installed over three years, each lift reflects and supports the depot’s ongoing development by lightening the growing workload.

About CLEAN Yeovil

Part of CLEAN Linen Services, CLEAN Yeovil is a vital link in one of the UK’s leading independent laundry companies, an organisation that delivers linen and workwear rental services to leading brands such as Harbour Hotels, Honda and Premier Inn.

Why specify a third Goodsmaster CD?

“Since opening in July 2011 the plant has grown significantly, from delivering 250,000 pieces of linen per week to our customers to now 800,000 pieces per week.

“We have seen significant investment over the years to accommodate this growth. One addition to the plant was a mezzanine floor, installed in 2018 as floor space was becoming very tight.

“The mezzanine is used to hold the cages of soiled linen prior to sorting and washing. We needed a reliable lift to transport circa 600 cages per day up and down. The latest goods lift was one of several choices offered to us by the company who installed the mezzanine floor – Rose Engineering. We were happy to opt for the Stannah Goodmaster CD 1500kg as its two predecessors perform to our complete satisfaction.

“We are happy with the construction, performance and durability of the lifts and the service from Stannah. There was a small hitch with the first installation, but this was rectified quickly. I would be quite happy to purchase another lift from Stannah if required in the future.”
—Geoff Milverton, Site Director, CLEAN Yeovil

From the specifier, Joe Baker, Estimator at Rose Engineering

“We worked closely with our client, CLEAN Yeovil, to deliver a goods lift to match their exact requirements—a sturdy lift that would transport heavy, laundry-laden roll cages between two floors.

“From the choices we offered they chose Stannah as they have a previous contract with this company, so they knew exactly what they would be getting and that it would deliver exactly what was required of it—including the after-sales service.”


Client: CLEAN Linen Services Limited

Total upgrade project cost: £7 million

Stannah Goodsmaster CDs:

1 x 1500kg—installed in 2019
1 x 1000kg—installed in 2018
1 x 500kg—installed in 2017

Supplied in a structure-supported frame, each lift was quick and easy to install in a matter of days. The Stannah installation team flexed around the premises’ operation with minimum disruption to everyone involved.

"The first lift was installed to service our first-floor storage / chemical room back in 2017. The second lift was installed 2018 to service the mezzanine floor. The third lift was installed in 2019 to run parallel with the mezzanine floor lift installed in 2018."
—Daniel Stalley, Engineering Manager, CLEAN Yeovil


An efficient, responsive laundry depot—fit for purpose and responding to the industry’s growing laundry-load.