March 2020


The latest innovation from OMNIE is its Ultimate product, comprising a low build-up underfloor heating solution that enables tiles or vinyl to be laid with complete confidence over a solid slab/screed or a timber substrate.

Manufactured from extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS), Ultimate panels have been designed with multi-directional channels for ease of installing the pipework. The new board also incorporates what OMNIE terms a ‘diffuser channel’ to increase the heat output compared to more conventional panels. This is essentially a wider recess which effectively spans the pipe, dropping 2-3mm into the panel to increase contact with the pipe loops by some 30%, which in turn increases the heat output and reduces the warm up time.

Although not OMNIE’s lowest panel, at just 18mm thick Ultimate is still ideal for refurbishment applications as well as new build, provided the substrate is properly prepared and the correct primers, adhesive and leveling compounds are applied specified. Due to the installation requirements, Ultimate panels have been designed in conjunction with tried and tested products from Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd to add to OMNIE’s tried and tested range to avoiding the potential risks of floating floors moving, or the tiles not bonding properly.

Potentially taking just a single working day to complete, the installation process begins by applying Tilemaster Primeplus to the existing substrate and allowing it to dry for 10-15 minutes, then the undersides of the Ultimate panels are coated with Tilemaster Prime & Grip. The boards will be ready to bond down using Tilemaster Ultimate Adhesive within 15-25 minutes and the pipework can then be fitted into the routed channels, for connection back to the main heating system. ** Please note, drying times may differ slightly due to site/ external conditions

A further coat of the Tilemaster Prime & Grip is rolled onto the topside of the boards before 5mm Tilemaster Levelflex self-leveling compound (9mm for vinyl coverings) is applied using a trowel and spiked roller, ready to receive the final bedding mix and floor finish. The system should be designed, installed and commissioned to BSEN 1264.

The Ultimate panels represent an addition to OMNIE’s ULTRALOW technology category while the ease and speed of installation also mean the new panels meet the company’s LAYFAST as well as TILEOVER criteria.

As a guide to actual heat output performance, based on 12mm PE-RT pipe fitted at 150mm centres with Levelflex screed laid over, an output of up to 124 W/m2 can be achieved at a flow temperature of 550 Centigrade.

Lightweight and easy to cut, Ultimate panels measure 1200 x 600mm, while OMNIE recommends that its products – including primers, screeds and adhesives – are ordered direct from the company to obtain the most appropriate solution and optimum performance.