Why Your Garage Door Needs A Weather Seal!
February 2020

This time of year, the weather’s really going to be giving your garage door a bit of a beating. What with wind and rain, frost, hail, maybe even snow, there’s going to be all kinds of debris and rainwater doing its best to get in. That’s why you need a decent garage door seal that can cope with everything the winter throws at it.

Garage door seals can make or break the effectiveness of your garage. In this post, we’ll explain why you can’t afford to not update your garage door weather seal if you’re having problems with protecting garage contents against the elements.

Did you know, garage door seals are incredibly easy for most people to install, and they’ll keep the water at bay and the draughts from sweeping the dust and leaves in and all over the contents of your garage. You can choose from internal or external fitting seals, and the decision is only really a matter of your preference about the final look.

If the space under your garage door isn’t a standard size and shape, as is often the case, it can be very difficult to create the right kind of seal. With just a blade, like you get with many garage door seals, you can end up with gaps and tricky fits that defeat the object. However, with a brush seal, all those strands can bend and fold, and squeeze together, to fit and fill the under-door space with ease. They’re quieter, stronger, and longer-lasting too. That means cost-effectiveness and all-in-all, great performance.

All of our garage door brush seals offer a really tight fit. The individual synthetic strands work together to seal the gap to ensure an impressive performance from your garage seal. Each strand sweeps into place with the others, and then they lock together as a unit, like a thick garden hedge that’s impossible to climb through. Imagine all the different kinds of foreign bodies that seem to work so hard to get in, despite all your best efforts. Even insects and rodents that can inevitably find their way inside and cause damage and destruction to anything you’ve stored inside. Well, a brush seal is going to stop that happening. A brush seal is also a good way to help protect the mechanical workings of the garage door from rust and grit.

If you’re looking for the right garage door weather seal for your home or project, come to us for advice and a wide range of products. Don’t wait for a rainy day, get the garage sealed now!