Getting Steamy with AQATA
February 2020

AQATA recently collaborated with Roccia Tiles on an exciting new project. The brief was to create a large walk in steam enclosure that was light, airy and used stone tiles and flooring which added warmth to the space.
The project was the perfect fit for our Design Solutions range, the most versatile of all our shower screens and enclosures as it allows total freedom to create a unique and individual space. In this case we used the DS470 special, for this made 2 measure steam enclosure.
The client wanted to the room to be fully visible from the outside so chrome fixtures and hinges were used and AQATA installed the screen and door using 10mm toughed clear-shield glass. This is ideal for a steam enclosure as it is easy to clean, eco-friendly and prevents the growth of bacteria. Although for this project clear glass was used, tinted options including bronze and grey are available.

When designing the steam enclosure because of the exterior set up, in this instance the door opens
to the left. However, as the DS range provides numerous options, doors can open in either direction
and depending on aspects, such as height of showerhead; it can open inwards or out into the bathroom.
The steam enclosure is a complete room with the glass extending from wall to wall; however the
design solution range is also suitable for freestanding shower enclosures too.
Enriched by a passion for superb design and product innovation AQATA are a leading UK
manufacturer of luxury shower screens and enclosures. Founded in 1986 by engineer and
entrepreneur, Peter Brown, AQATA is a home-grown, family owned company with over 30 years’
experience in the bathroom industry. All AQATA models are designed and built to order by skilled
experienced craftsman at the company’s dedicated factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Every
handcrafted enclosure and screen comes with a life time guarantee for complete peace of mind and is
supplied with ClearShield ECO-GLASS™ glass protection as standard.