ION Glass - St Dionis at Parsons Green
January 2020

The Church of St Dionis at Parsons Green in South London has made full use of switchable glass to better meet the needs of the local community.

An extensive reordering of the Church of St Dionis was designed to make the church a key focus for the local community, improving the facilities and helping local associations and residents. Creating a welcoming entrance, office space and meeting rooms was key to the endeavour – extensive use of switchable glass has ensured maximum and appropriate use of the new spaces at all times.

A new glass entrance door and side windows is visually welcoming and less intimidating than the former wooden door, encouraging people to enter the building. Use of double-glazed glass has improved heat retention whilst the bespoke frame in bronze anodised aluminium is part of the cohesive design of the church.
Switchable glass was used to create a full height screen to fit the arch through to the nave. Double glass doors behind the reception area can be obscured at the touch of a button, ensuring immediate privacy when required for particular events, school groups or to screen the office from the congregation.

The arched narthex was fully enclosed in switchable glass to create a private meeting room whenever required. An arched glass screen, combined with glass infill panels on either side fully encloses the space. Switching between clear and obscured glass allows maximum flexibility for privacy or inclusion depending on the usage of the room.

The installation was required to fit closely around the individual pillars and corbels, an unusually complex and challenging specification in switchable glass. Ion’s digitally accurate measurements and experienced installation team achieved a flawless fit throughout.

The finished result is impressive, opening the church to a much wider community and allowing the provision of a wide range of events for all ages and local people.
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