Gaia Decoupling Membrane System onto Timber Subfloor
January 2020

Gaia Decoupling Membrane System onto Timber Subfloor

The Gaia Decoupling Membrane System provides comfortable warm floors allowing the heat from the electric cable to be distributed evenly across the floor.

The Decoupling Membrane is a polypropylene membrane with rounded square studs that form channels specially designed to embed and fasten electric heating cables. On the underside of the membrane there is a non-woven thermo-welded polypropylene fabric that ensures the membrane fixing is secure to the membrane.

The Decoupling Membrane is a decoupling membrane of 5.5mm thickness that does not require expansion joints in the screed before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. It is also a waterproofing membrane when the Gaia waterproofing tape and sealant is used with the instructions supplied with the tape.

To ensure the correct installation of the Gaia Membrane, the complete set of instructions should be followed. For the floor heating system to operate at its most efficient, an insulation board is recommended to be installed below the decoupling membrane.