Maximise light – minimise draughts with glass porch
January 2020

A bespoke Ion Glass porch expertly manufactured and installed to meet your individual requirements can add a bold and stylish design statement for your property…or simply create a secure and welcoming entrance that provides visual access whilst retaining heat and eliminating draughts.
• Choose an internal glass lobby to welcome visitors or an external glass porch to supplement or replace your existing entrance door
• Use structural glass beams and fins for a minimal result with little or no intrusive metalwork
• Specify doors to meet your precise needs - whether you need full security with locks and alarms; wholly frameless or with minimal fixings; manual operation or fully automatic.
• Choose clear, tinted or decorative glass – or add your own logo or glass manifestation
• Every Ion Glass porch will be precisely measured to ensure a perfect fit, accommodating arched entranceways or non-standard stonework if required
The expert team at Ion Glass can provide technical and design advice to ensure your structural glass porch meets all criteria, whether you managing a restoration project for a church or heritage building or installing an entrance lobby for a residential property.
We manage all installation logistics and naturally the result will be in full compliance with building and conservation regulations.
For more information on our structural glass porches, internal or external glass doors, glass screens, glass linkways, glass balustrades or other architectural glass installations in luxury residential, commercial, leisure or heritage environments, call us on 0345 658 9988 send us an email via