Durapipe UK - Actuator Network Module
January 2020

Actuator Network Module

With AMP 7 looming, we are seeing lots of enquiries regarding our new Actuator Network Module (ANMod), as water authorities look to invest in automating water treatment processes to increase efficiency, reduce downtime and minimise maintenance costs.

ANMod incorporates a Profibus protocol module and is a complete solution with the valve, actuator and communicator all supplied as one pre-programmed, pre-wired solution. This eliminates the need for any additional power supply, and minimises set-up and installation time.

Compatible with a variety of PLCs that operate Profibus protocol, our new solution supports Profibus DP V0 and V1. Durapipe VKD and L and T port TKD valves can be fitted with ANMod, in any configuration of size, material, flange and fail safe option, combined with a 110 - 230V AC or 24V AC/DC electric actuator.

If you are working on water treatment processes and would like further information on our new ANMod please click here or contact our flow control solutions team on 01543 471680 (Option 5) or email valves@durapipe.co.uk.