Introducing our New range of End of Line and Inline Overflow Fittings
January 2020

Draytons Inline Overflows are designed so they can be fitted into exisiting overflow pipework to help bring it up to water regulations

The Inline Overflow is Screened with a Stainless Steel Mesh to prevent insects, debris and other items being able to make its way along the pipe into the water storage tank

The PP (Polypropelene) Inline Overflows are all push fit with Rubber Washers

The larger PVC & ABS Inline Overflows have several options on the connection type as follows:

Spigot Pipe Ends - The Inline Overflow has pipe ends that will require cementing into some fitting of matching size eg. straight connection
Stub Flange - The Inline Overflow has Stub Flange or Full Faced Flanges on each end, these will require matching Flanges being fitted to the existing pipework where the piece has been removed for these fittings.
Rubber Seals - The Inline Overflow has pipe ends and comes with rubber seals with metal jubilee clips to tighten onto the pipe and to the existing pipework, this allows some variation on the sizes from the fitting pipe to the exisiting pipe.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements call us on 0871 288 4213 and we will be happy to help.