Danopren 500 TL Thermal Insulation Board Gains BBA Certification
January 2020

Danopren 500 TL is the latest in a long line of Wykamol products to receive the coveted BBA Certification.

Danopren is already EPD Verified, yet another vindication of our high standards of R&D and manufacture.

Danopren is a closed cell, thermally insulating foam board for floors and basements which are, or could be, subject to water ingress.

Danopren 500 TL thermal insulation is manufactured from rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam, free of CFC, HCFC and HFC compounds. The 1250 by 600 mm panels are produced using an extrusion process which provides a closed-cell structure, unlike other open-cell alternatives. Long-term water absorption is negligible, making it the ideal insulation product for below-ground structures subject to or susceptible to water ingress.

BBA Certified Danopren 500 TL boards form an insulated spacer when installed adjacent to the waterguard and floordrain drainage systems, and work in conjunction with the Wykamol BBA certified Cavity Drain Membrane Waterproofing System.