Why You Should Choose Internal & External Bi-Folding Doors
January 2020

Doorways need doors, but not all doorways have the same amount of space to play around with. There are so many situations where you may want the look and feel of an ordinary door, but you’re really restricted when it comes to opening it and gaining access. The bulk of a full-sized wood or glass partition can really limit your choices in a tight space. That why we recommend you consider folding doors for your next project. With the right professional folding door mechanism in place, you’ll have a finished door that looks the business, without having to compromise on your household floor space and elbow room. Have a look at our brochure to see just how well designed these systems are for both internal and external doorways.

Internal folding doors are perfect for bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, wardrobes, dressing rooms and rooms that are situated on a small landing, such as a loft conversion where an extra small staircase has been fitted. In fact, all those household places where it would be good to maximising space for foot traffic and social events, are contenders for a bi-folding door, even where there’s enough room for a regular door. With a bi-fold door track and the right choice of door design, you can fold your portion away neatly and simply every single time, and have the best of both worlds.

You can use fit bi-bolding doors externally as well as internally, which is great news if you have a garden doorway that opens out onto a small patio or balcony or a side door situated in a narrow alleyway. Bi-folding doors are space saving and convenient in your home or workplace. Just choose the look that fits the space, and order the perfect bi-fold door kit from Barrier Components.

When you need a top-hung solution for your folding door, our own BarrierFold is ideal. With stainless steel components and a brushed metal finish, what you have is robust, durable, and smooth running. The nylon wheels are designed for optimum performance, and everything is fully adjustable. You can choose between satin stainless steel or polished gold, depending on your door choice and desired look.

For the sophistication of frameless folding glass, you’ll want a mechanism that ideally suited to the job. BarrierStack incorporates hinges that are bolted into the ground, which is vital whether you’re fitting the doors in a residential or commercial setting. The aluminium sheen works aesthetically well with your glass fittings, and it’s all engineered to perfection.