January 2020


While many decorators will be focusing on indoor projects in the winter months, sometimes external surfaces still need a refresh and simply can’t wait until the weather improves.

Thanks to Sandtex Trade 365 All Weather Masonry Paint, there is still the option to work on exterior projects even when the temperature drops or rainy weather is threatening. Sandtex Trade 365 is uniquely formulated for use all year round: it’s shower-resistant after just 20 minutes, and can be applied in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

What’s more, it offers up to 20 years’ protection, with excellent opacity and a spreading rate of 10 m2 per litre. Sandtex Trade 365 can be applied by brush, by medium or long pile roller, or by airless spray, so it’s easy to get the application right for your surface.

However, even with the right product to hand, applying paint in wintery weather brings its own challenges, so here are some top tips for working outdoors in the cold.

Wrap up

As temperatures fall, you’ll need to make sure you’re suitably dressed for outdoor work. Wear light layers to keep in the heat, and try to opt for breathable fabrics, especially for things like scarves as you’ll find you’re much more comfortable. Keep a warm hat and gloves in your van for working outdoors too, and wear a weatherproof coat to keep the wind and rain at bay.

Take a break

So, you’ve got your first coat of Sandtex 365 on the wall: it’ll be recoatable in 16 hours, but it’s touch dry after just two hours so you can leave the exterior work for the day and get on with something indoors. It’s important to warm up after working outside, so maybe take a break and have a warm drink – or, better yet, a mug of hot soup: the vitamins will help keep your immune system in good health too.

Keep moving

This one is simple: the more you move, the more you’ll generate heat! That won’t be a problem when you’re working because – as you know – painting is a physical job, so you’ll probably be fine while you’re on the tools. However, if you’ve finished the wall and you can’t immediately head indoors or to your vehicle, find a way to keep your body active, whether that’s tidying the site, or even going for a brisk walk.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to complete your external work with Sandtex 365, whatever the weather!

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