5 Most Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace
November 2019

When it comes to the workplace, the last thing an owner wants is an accident, especially a fire related one, compromising the health of all their employees and the premises too. Prevention is the key when it comes to fire safety, and there are many factors that can be implemented to lessen the risk.

What Are the Common Causes of Fires in the Workplace?

Outlined below is 5 common causes of fire in the workplace, and some preventative measures can be put in place to stop them from happening:

Faulty electrical equipment – loose wiring, overloaded sockets and old equipment is one of the most common culprits that can cause a fire. All electrical equipment should be PAT tested regularly to make sure everything is up to standard and efficient enough to be used in the workplace.

Clutter – lack of cleaning and leaving the building untidy and cluttered can be a big mistake for a business. The build up of dust and grease, especially in poorly ventilated areas, can cause equipment to overheat resulting in a fire. Regular cleaning, spot checks and encouraging employees to keep their own workspaces tidy will mitigate the risk of a fire breaking out.

Human error – these are fire outbreaks that aren’t intentional, so it can be hard to reduce this risk. In this case it’s about making employees more aware of the fire risks of any tasks they are carrying out. Not using equipment properly and not being careful when cooking are just a couple of possibilities. All staff should be given some basic fire safety training to ensure the correct procedures are followed and any hazards are identified. Fire extinguishers should be easily located around the premises.

Arson – unfortunately, the deliberate act of starting fires is not as rare as people believe. There is no possible way to stop people from doing so, but measures can be put in place to identify any trends. CCTV and motion sensor lighting could be installed, and access to premises should be limited with only a few key holders responsible for entry. When most vandals see basic security measures put in place, they will likely think twice.

Combustible materials – it is common for a workplace to have a lot of paper and cardboard due to filing and paperwork. However, with the new digital age, some of this is being changed over to digital files which reduces the risk of them catching fire. If this isn’t an option correct storage, disposal and handling should be in place and regulated to make sure safe standards are met. Don’t forget these types of combustibles are just fuel for fires!

All businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure their premises are protected against a threat of fire and take appropriate action. Our experienced team at Noberne Seals can help with any fire protection required. We are industry leaders in the supply of passive fire protection. We supply intumescent strips, smoke seals and acoustic seals as well as a wide range of other products.

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