SAS Euope - Announcing BBA certification for our advanced one coat render
November 2019

Through-coloured render GoRend HBS has been awarded a BBA that includes certifying in excess of 25 years durability and non-combustibility. The easy to apply GoRend HBS monocouche render is available from UK manufacturer SAS Europe.

This hard-working one coat render was developed especially for use on new build housing, as it is applied in one coat straight to blockwork. As well as giving a lasting, non-combustible finish for over 25 years, GoRend HBS was tested for weather and impact resistance. This render range of 13 colours was re-formulated last year for greater workability so flat, sharp surfaces can be achieved quickly.

GoRend HBS one coat render has been a go-to for applicators since its launch in 2016 and now has certification from the British Board of Agrement (BBA), the UK construction industry’s leading body.

Claire Reddaway, Operations Manager, said “GoRend HBS render has always been a great option for new builds, being fast to apply leaving a durable finish with no need to paint. Now housebuilders have the added symbol of quality and reassurance from BBA certification.” GoRend BBA

GoRend HBS render is a dry mix, supplied bagged and coloured – on site all you need to do is add water and mix. Used with GoMesh, SAS Europe’s purple-coloured render reinforcing mesh GoRend is perfect for new builds and extensions.

Available in 13 colours, GoRend can be delivered from the SAS Europe UK warehouses and be on site the next day.

SAS Europe are manufacturers of render systems, including the ProRend range of renders, basecoats and paints, EIFS external insulation, ProWall rainscreen, ProBead render beads and ProMesh fibreglass reinforcement. Order complete systems for complex structures, all render and accessories for large developments, or just the products you need. This UK manufacturer offers fast delivery on stock items, and accurate delivery times on custom products allowing you to schedule.

Order GoRend HBS, GoMesh and ProBead by contacting us.