Why buy pre-plumbed panelling for your washroom project?
November 2019

In this dedicated series, we will be exploring the benefits of off-site manufactured, pre-plumbed panelling systems, compared to traditional panel only methods. From being more cost effective, to speeding up onsite installation by 50%, discover the power of pre-plumbed.

Pre-plumbed vs traditional panel only methods at a glance.

Some might think that buying pre-plumbed panelling is more expensive than site built, timber framed systems, when they see the cost upfront... What they may not realise is how quickly additional costs can stack up, once all the necessary components for installation have been acquired.

Below is a comparison of the components that need to be sourced individually by you, for each system:

Plain panel timber framed:
Panels & flashgaps
Labourer (+ any accommodation)
Delivery charges

Pre-plumbed metal framed:

Pre-assembled metal frame, panels, fittings and pre-plumbed sanitaryware
Plumber for connection only