How to decorate your stage for Christmas
November 2019

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Snow falls, decorations are hung and presents are exchanged. You can make your church, school or theatre look extra special this Christmas by following our steps to decorating your stage.

The first step is to add a beautifully decorated tree. The tree can be small or big depending on the space available. The tree will need to be decorated with lights as well as baubles, ornaments and tinsel if these are available. Tree lights can be battery powered if sockets aren’t available near the stage. LED lights are the most energy efficient and budget friendly option. Every tree needs a fairy or star to make it complete. Some venues prefer having a symmetrical stage with one decorated tree on the left and the right. The tree can be real or artificial. A real tree is often harder to look after, especially if someone is not regularly visiting the church, school hall or theatre.

Display conifer branches and wreaths around the venue. Wreaths are welcoming to attendees at church gates and school hall entrances. There are fresh and artificial wreaths available at Christmas. Artificial wreaths may be the more cost effective solution as they can be used over several years if they are stored correctly at the end of the season. Decorative greenery such as conifer branches can be used on the altar, on pew ends, at the end of seating rows, on window ledges and around tables.

You can create a truly stunning backdrop by hanging lights from the ceiling, displaying long lines of lights in a row or adding lighting in a festive colour such as green or red.

Remember to check that it is safe for your actors and performers on the staging with the Christmas decorated before starting the performance. It is recommended that the decorations are already in place during the costume rehearsal to check the Christmas decorations.

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