A Guide To Industrial Sliding & Folding Door Hardware
November 2019

There are workplaces where a heavy-duty industrial sliding or folding door is absolutely essential. In the marine industry, in agricultural units, as well as aircraft hangars, garages, warehouses, storage and performance and exhibition venues. These seriously largescale doors ensure you can take your machinery, staging or transportation in and out easily, time and again, while guaranteeing the security and safe preservation of everything inside the building.

What this means is industrial and commercial folding door hardware, as well as sliding door hardware, needs to be extremely resilient, with top quality manufacturing and proven high performance. In short, you’ll want to choose the right sliding or folding system to allow accessibility, safety, ease of use and doors with a perfect fit.
Choosing The Right Sliding & Folding Door Hardware Matters

In terms of hardware, of course, you’ll need to have the correct handles fitted working with the correct sliding or folding door system. Grab handles or flush pulls are used dependent on application and are available usually in a choice of sizes and finishes. Heavy sliding doors are easier to open using a bow handle, while flush pulls allow the doors to slide past the reveal or fold neatly together without causing any obstruction.

Channels set into a concrete surface will provide a securely fixed and robust running track for the base of your industrial sliding door. Whether the doors are constructed from timber or metal, bottom guidance is essential for safe operation and makes movement easy. When using standard industrial door guidance two guides are required for all sliding doors. Folding door systems require guidance on alternate door leaves. Industrial wall or ground mounted sliding door stops should be used to enhance safe operation.

Large sliding doors must be hung using durable heavy-duty hanger fittings. Tracks should be installed using either face or soffit fixed brackets with lock joint brackets where two-track lengths meet.

If it’s a fire door, there are specialist hangers that are tailor-made for the job. In fact, all industrial hangers we supply are considered ‘Hot’ and therefore can be installed in this application.

Always make sure you choose the right track for the height, weight and thickness of your doors.

When you’re looking to source the ideal commercial sliding or folding hardware, you can trust us to supply everything you need. We can also advise you on the specific fittings that are best suited to your requirements.