ION Glass No two arches are ever the same
October 2019

No two arches are ever the same ....fortunately all our installations are wholly bespoke and accurately cut to size to fit perfectly, whatever the dimensions, variables or location

Our wholly bespoke approach ensures the optimum result, fitting perfectly whatever the shape or dimensions of your arch

Set a door directly into a stone arch or install a glass screen with glass doors to enclose an archway, divide spaces or create meeting rooms. Replacing a traditional arched wooden door with glass enhances the welcome of your building whilst better retaining heat and eliminating draughts.

Check out these recent Ion Glass projects:
The oversized glass door installed at Kippington Church is set between two side panels and a shaped overhead transom. The resulting screen stands off the original porch with two return panels and a curved ceiling panel closely echoing the curve of the arch. An unusual solution creating an impressively tall, arched porch.

At Lancing College a series of three arches around the main reception area were enhanced with glass doors. Two sets of secure double doors were set into bespoke glass screens with arched over panels; an existing timber door in the third arch was replaced with glass. The result is a warm and attractive space to welcome visitors.

The beautiful internal arched doors at St Mary's church at Balcombe are set into a complex shaped over-panel designed to fit into a modern oak frame. The glass doors echo the shape of the external wooden doors, featuring a large bespoke handle in the shape of a cross.

A series of glass panels were set into the individual arches along what was formerly an open loggia at Lainston House Hotel. The glass fits perfectly around the original brickwork, with each of the six arches subtly different from each other. A glass door set into the final archway, provides an external entrance to what has been transformed into a stylish dining and meeting space for hotel guests.

Ion's computer aided measuring techniques ensure a perfect fit, whatever the shape, style or location of your arches, accommodating nuances in the building structure, including carved corbels or intricate brickwork.

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