ION Glass - Rain outside, Wet inside
October 2019

Every Ion Glass project is fully bespoke ….meeting the criteria for unusual designs in showers, leisure areas, saunas and steam rooms.

•Fully frameless with minimal hinges and door furnishings
•Glass hung doors or wall hung doors with no compromise on functionality
•Curved glass for that special finishing touch in the bathroom
•Oversized, undersized or fitting into unusual spaces to maximise the shower experience
•Tuck a shower under a sloping ceiling or against out of true walls
•Bespoke handles and individual finishing touches for a truly unique finish

Our wet room experience doesn’t end with individually designed frameless showers enclosures or stylish, custom built bath screens.
Bespoke frameless glass is ideal in any leisure area: easy to maintain it enhances light, creating a contemporary ambience whether the space is for a luxury residential or public environment.

The expert team at Ion Glass will provide technical and design advice, accurate measurements and expert installation whether you are commissioning bath and leisure areas for a quality private home or managing a project for a hotel or apartment block.