Sovereign Chemicals - Timber Preservation for your Home
October 2019

Timber Preservation for your Home

Wood is one of the oldest and most versatile materials incorporated into both modern and old buildings.

Despite all of wood's charismatic features, it is vulnerable to insect damage such as woodworm and to wood destroying fungi in the form of dry and wet rot. If these predators are left untreated, the wood can be destroyed and the buildings structural integrity threatened.

Wet or dry rot are common problems in homes that have damp conditions within, sometimes clearly visible, but sometimes not obvious. These fungi thrive on high moisture levels, especially in centrally-heated, older buildings that are subject to dampness from various sources such as external defects, leaks or condensation for example.

By using Deepkill Timber Paste you can treat any type of rot. This works well on larger section timbers such as preserving floor joists and wall supports. As suggested in the name, this is a deep penetrating solution providing the best protection possible from an in situ applied treatment.

Once applied, Sovereign's Deepkill Timber Paste forms a protective skin allowing the active fungicide (IPBC) and insecticide (Permethrin) to penetrate deep into the wood and get to work immediately.

Sovereign also supply a range of liquid preservatives that are suitable for treating timbers and masonry. For more information and helpful advice don't hesitate to contact the experts at Sovereign.