The UK’s Favourite Hygienic Wall Cladding
January 2019

CleanClad explains its product range and uses

When it comes to being a market leader, CleanClad has cornered a niche. It is the UK’s best-known brand of PVC hygienic wall cladding. An independent supplier, its products are used in every conceivable sensitive environment - from commercial kitchens and schools to hospitals and laboratories. It has made its name online, delivering orders large and small to a wide range of customers across the country. Repeat clients include leading fast food chains, hotels, universities, health care providers and food manufacturers.

The company is first for choice, stock and free technical advice. Its core products include:

 Hygienic wall cladding
 Wall cladding profiles
 Hygienic ceiling cladding
 Cladding accessories

Customers can order with confidence and complete a hygiene project in a matter of days.

Hygiene has taken on increased significance

Michael Brightmore is the spokesman for CleanClad. He has seen an upturn in sales - the result of increased demand for robust hygiene solutions. He says: “Publicity surrounding cases where there have been hygiene failings have made people sit up and take note. They are more aware of what is required to keep a sensitive environment safe. Our product range has been designed to meet the most stringent food safety and hygiene standards and can be used almost anywhere.

“Those looking for smooth surfaces that are really easy to keep hygienically clean trust us to deliver solutions they can totally rely on. It is why CleanClad can be used in any space where hygiene has to be paramount. This includes areas where food is prepared and spaces uses for storage. Importantly, CleanClad is moisture, chemical and impact resistant.”

Wall cladding products and installation

Commercial kitchen cladding is commonly used as an alternative to expensive and hard to maintain tiles and stainless steel. It is cheaper, high-performing and low maintenance. CleanClad is very easy to install. However, for customers who want to achieve a professional finish, CleanClad offers a nationwide wall cladding installation service.

For those who want to install cladding themselves, CleanClad offers easy online ordering and fast delivery. With the entire hygienic cladding range available online, it is a convenient as well as economical way to buy hygiene solutions. The CleanClad range includes colours interior designers love. As well as satin white, you will find cladding materials in soft pastel shades and bright and bold high-gloss colours.

CleanClad product range

Satin white hygienic wall cladding sheets

CleadClad’s rigid white hygienic wall cladding sheets are stocked in two sizes - 2.4m x 1.2m and 3.0m x 1.2m. Customers can choose the thickness they require - 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm. To aid installation, each sheet has an embossed surface on one side. These sheets are made from food grade pure PVC polymer.

This high-spec product benefits from a Class 1 fire resistance rating, UV resistance and high impact resistance. It is the number one wall cladding for businesses and healthcare providers because it is manufactured specifically for hygiene applications.

Coloured hygienic wall cladding sheets

For customer-facing environments, you can’t beat CleanClad. The hygiene solution is available in a wide range of stunning, coloured finishes. Each coloured hygienic wall cladding sheet is available in two sizes: 2.4m x 1.2m and 3.0m x 1.2m. Thickness: 2.5mm.

Stocked pastel colours: Blue, Cream, Grey, Sandstone and Green.

Stocked high gloss colours: Dark Grey, Black, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Orange, Lime Green, Grape Green, Avocado Green and Ocean Blue.

This range of wall cladding is perfect for: bars, theatre-style kitchens, nightclubs, dining areas, shops, takeaways, reception rooms, offices, hospitals, schools, leisure facilities and any high traffic area.

Properties for CleanClad hygienic wall cladding

Density [g/cm³] - DIN EN ISO 1183 - 1.44 – 1.46; Tensile strength [MPa] - ISO 527 (50mm/min) - 52; Tensile modulus of elasticity [MPa] - ISO 527 (50mm/min) - 3000; Impact resistance [kj/m²] (Charpy) - ISO 179/1eU - o.B.; Flexural strength [MPa] - ISO 178 (2mm/min) - 73; Flexural modulus of elasticity [MPa] - ISO 178 (2mm/min) - 2750; Shore-Hardness D ISO 868 - 78; Coefficient of expansion [10⁴ /K] - DIN 53 752 - 7·10⁻ ⁵; Vicat-Softening point [°C] ISO 306 (B 50) - 72; Heat distortion temperature [°C] - ISO 75-2 (1,8 Mpa) - 60; Water absorption [%] ISO 62 (after 216h) - 0.1; Protective film one-side.

Hygienic Ceiling Cladding

CleanClad stocks the following: hygienic ceiling cladding sheets, PVC ceiling planks and joints and ceiling cladding profiles.

Hygienic ceiling cladding planks (sold in packs of 5)are stocked in two sizes - 3m x 250mm and 5m x 250mm. With a Class 1 fire rating, this product out-performs alternative products in demanding environments and is super easy to clean.

Ceiling Cladding Starter Trim (Pack of 5): Stocked in lengths of 5m. Total coverage 25m.

Ceiling Cladding H Section (Pack of 5): Sold in lengths of 5m. Total coverage 25m.

Profiles for Hygienic Wall Cladding

CleanClad stocks profiles with finishes to match all its sheet colours. In the range, you will find: wall cladding capping strip, wall cladding external angle, wall cladding internal angle, wall cladding H section, wall cladding 2 part H section and wall cladding internal corner joint.

CleanClad profiles are stocked in measurements that match both sheet sizes and thicknesses.

Wall Cladding Accessories

310ml tube of hybrid adhesive: Buy 1 tube for every 8ft x 4ft sheet. Bonds to almost any surface.

6.5L tub of 2 part hybrid adhesive: This product should be mixed before use.

600ml MS polymer cladding adhesive: High-grab, solvent-free polymer adhesive. Sold in an economical foil sausage. Zero waste. Easy application. Buy the applicator gun to go with this product.

12 pack 600ml MS polymer cladding adhesive: Multi-pack. Use with an applicator gun.

600ml foil sausage combi applicator gun: Buy with the 600ml MS polymer cladding adhesive. Re-useable.

330ml economy cladding adhesive: Two tubes for each 2.44 x 1.22 sheet and three tubes for the 3.05m x 1.22m sheet.

300ml gloss wall cladding sealant: Ten colours stocked.

Hygienic wall cladding plastic rivets: Two sizes - 1 inch and 1.5 inch. Sold in bags of 100.

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