Style Enhances Staff Wellbeing with Flexible Space December 2018
January 2019

Style Enhances Staff Wellbeing with Flexible Space

December 2018


Global engineering consultancy, WSP, recently relocated 850 Manchester-based staff to new offices situated in the prestigious, No8 First Street building. The refurbished office space focuses on the wellbeing of employees, creating relaxing spaces where they can unwind and spend time with colleagues.

Contributing to this positive lifestyle environment, Style installed two DORMA Varitrans glass moveable walls, effectively separating breakout areas and creating either two smaller rooms or one large open plan space. A further eight DORMA Variflex, fully automatic moveable walls were installed across two other floors, allowing WSP to create three larger meeting rooms or seven smaller ones.

Recognising that people perform more effectively if they can match their working environment to suit both the task in hand as well as their own personal preference on any particular day, WSP’s own team worked in conjunction with Idaco Ltd and refurbishment specialist Overbury, to deliver a quality, flexible and dynamic working space.

In the breakout areas the glass DORMA Varitrans moveable walls feature a forest manifestation graphic provided by WSP, adding a sense of escapism to the area, whilst also enhancing the chic interior design and providing functional privacy.

Elsewhere, the fully automatic DORMA Variflex walls can be rapidly moved into place at the press of a button, allowing individual rooms to be created with ease. With impressive 55Rw dB acoustic integrity, privacy between divided areas is second to none, allowing meetings, client briefings and conferences to run concurrently yet undisturbed.

Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North, commented, “Staff can create small rooms in which to work privately or with just a few other colleagues, or space can be opened out to create a more communal area for larger group endeavours.

“This is an office with extensive adaptability and fabulous interior design thanks to the vision of designers, Idaco.”