Operation Clean Sweep: Wavin joins the drive to cut ocean plastic
January 2019

Wavin has committed to work towards achieving the targets set by Operation Clean Sweep in partnership with the British Plastics Federation.

Operation Clean Sweep is a campaign that aims to help every plastic resin handling operation to work towards zero pellet, flake and powder loss which both helps to protect the environment and saves valuable resources. The issue of plastics in the environment and drive to cut ocean plastic has increased in prominence following the BBC’s Blue planet series and the championing of the issue by broadcaster and naturalist sir David Attenborough. Waste plastic can make its way into local waterways and ultimately into estuaries and the ocean. Plastics can easily be mistaken for food and eaten by birds and marine animals harming them and impacting the whole food chain.

The program has been educating the industry for 12 years on the impact of pellet loss with a clear message that resin pellets should be contained, reclaimed or disposed of properly.

Sustainability is at the core of Wavin and Mexichem's vision and company mission. We are really pleased to participate in this programme to further reduce and reuse our plastic waste. It aligns particularly well with our strategy to contribute to a circular economy and cleaner environment by leading the way with innovative plastic solutions for the building industry.

Paul MacLaurin , Manufacturing Director, Wavin UK
Sustainability has always been an important business driver for Wavin with a 60 year history of searching for a safe and environmentally-friendly distribution of pipe systems. Wavin uses over 50% recycled material in its multi-layer, solid core pipes. Its innovative Recycore Technology, ensures that they still have at least the same proven and excellent characteristics as the virgin products they replace. Wavin continues to innovate and work towards the recycling of plastics into high quality products throughout its manufacturing processes.