New - The Neo Plateau Rooflight
December 2018

If you’re installing a rooflight deemed as easily accessible under the Part Q building regulations, then The Rooflight Company has the widest range of Secured by Design rooflights for you to choose from.

NEW: The neo™ Plateau Rooflight LPS2081 A+B, LPS1175 - SR1

Provides more security for your money (Rating B or SR1 as standard).
Includes a rooflight which has been tested to withstand an attack for up to 10 minutes.
Has been approved by the police-owned organisation Secured by Design.
Is perfect for ‘low risk’ category buildings.

Also available
The Conservation Plateau Secured by Design Rooflight LPS 1175 SR1 + SR3 provides peace of mind for low to medium risk buildings and can withstand an attack of 15-20 minutes.