Component Developments - NATUREDIET PET FOOD

September 2017

Naturediet has been producing pure, natural dog food for over 40 years from its factory in Norfolk. Their dog food is only ever made with freshly prepared meats, fish, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates to create the highest quality, natural dog food.
Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply a stainless steel drainage solution to replace the existing, under performing system. Component Developments designed an “F” shaped system, with the top branch extending next to the freezers to pick up all freezer condensate which would otherwise sit on the floor, causing hygiene and safety problems.
The stainless steel drainage channel was designed to be suitable for a resin floor finish, and included a built in fall to a sump with a removable waste basket. The waste basket, allows any debris to be caught preventing blockages within the pipes, decreasing the potential of failure.
Two different types of grating were used on the system; by thresholds and places of frequent trolley traffic a solid bar grating was used for its load bearing capacity, and also it is easier to push trolley wheels over the smooth surface. In all other areas, Component Development’s Anti-slip grating was used, which prevents employee slippage, whilst allowing any debris to fall into the system to be caught by the waste basket.
The final solution was a sustainable, efficient system which met all specification, hygienic and hydraulic requirements.