Opus Glide Installation at Dubai Marina Mall

July 2017

Dubai is a truly unique destination that has captured the world’s attention with the sheer scale of its ambition and imagination. Known for record-breaking construction projects and creating some of the finest buildings in the world, Dubai is seen as the gold-standard for a city that continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Boasting the world’s tallest building, a seven star hotel, the largest indoor ski slope and the busiest international airport on the planet; Dubai’s desire to embrace bold and energetic design is showing no sign of slowing down.

Reel Cinemas joined a growing number of companies bringing key projects to the city when they launched the first Dolby Cinema in the Middle East at their Dubai Marina Mall venue. Combining spectacular imaging with enthralling audio, the Dolby Cinema experience transforms every customer’s visit into a true adventure.

When Reel chose to refurbish the seating in their premier cinema they needed to match Dubai’s vibrancy and forward-thinking mentality with something that had never been seen before. Ferco’s brand new Opus Glide cinema seat suited this brief perfectly with its attractive design, unique arrangement, and incredible comfort being brand new to the cinema market.

The Opus Glide is a legitimately peerless cinema recliner from Ferco – not only does the shape of the seat provide full body support, but the smooth glide mechanism moves to a reclined position when required. This innovative design creates a superior seating position at any angle and provides the ultimate cinematic experience without the need for a single electrical motor or control.

Much like the skyscrapers that spring up around the city in record time, the installation at Dubai Marina Mall was required within a tight timescale - which our experienced staff completed expertly. This included a new room layout being designed, additional seat testing and installation being required on site in under two days.

In a land of prestigious construction projects and design excellence – we couldn’t be happier that our first Opus Glide cinema seat installation took place in this glitzy city of pioneers.