Component Developments Supply SAM SMITH’S BREWERY

July 2017


Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery popularly known as Sam Smith’s is an independent British brewer and also Yorkshires oldest brewery. Brewing water for ales and stouts is still drawn from the original well, sunk when the site was established in 1758.
Component Developments were approached by IRL Group to supply the stainless steel drainage systems needed to replace two old systems which were failing and allowing water to settle on the floor. Component Developments designed a 50m system, complete with one branch drain and 4 No. outlets.
The system was a heavy duty stainless steel drainage channel with reinforced shoulders, brace bars and an overhead levelling system. This allowed the system to withstand the weight of the electric pallet truck which is used within the Brewery. The channel was topped with a heavy duty, anti-slip grating with would help prevent workplace injuries due to slippage.
The solution supplied by Component Developments was capable of clearing the large amount of waste water discharged from the brewery, leaving a seamless and hygienic outcome.