TechTurf reinforced grass system

July 2017

Our TechTurf reinforced grass system consists of 3 components, each of which is supplied by us and delivered to you on site.
1. TechTurf (TT) rootzone - a composite blend of sand, organic matter and Naylor mesh elements

This pre-blended rootzone will be delivered into site in 20-25 tonne bulk loads in articulated vehicles, unless smaller sized vehicles are otherwise requested when quotations are prepared. The TT rootzone should be laid and consolidated in 2 layers, so it is recommended that consideration is given to a location for tipping/stockpiling of the material when it arrives on site, thus avoiding double handling.
2. Environmental sandy soil grown turf as specified

Only Naylor Environmental sandy soil grown turf, or turf grown on a sandy rootzone should be used, as conventional turf is wholly unsuitable for use with the Naylor TechTurf System.
3. Pre-turfing fertiliser, as appropriate
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Features & Benefits

- Attractive, natural grass surface
- High load bearing strength
- Resists rutting and compaction
- Clean and free draining
- Provides ideal source control for
Sustainable Urban Drainage
Systems (SUDS)