Library gets cooled by Astralux

March 2017

Library gets cooled by Astralux

Roof glazing floods an internal space with natural light, but uncontrolled this can cause glare and also overheating as the sun’s rays change wavelength inside the building and cannot escape back through the glazing.

Visitors to Horsforth Library in Leeds were having difficulty using the computers due to too much glare. In addition, in the summer the solar gain through the roof glazing was making the library uncomfortably hot.

The Astralux 6000 louvre blind system was installed as it is ideal for sloping glazing as the slats are securely held on rack arms. These arms allow the slats to be tilted to control light and glare.

At this site the blinds were operated by a detachable crank handle but motorisation is also available.

The other advantage of this solar shading system is that the slats can be cut and shaped to cope with obstructions, as in this case with the pendant lighting which was already in-situ when the blinds were surveyed.