OMNIE Heats Social Services

December 2016

OMNIE Heats Social Services

October 11, 2016

Underfloor heating systems have been employed in the refurbishment of a South-west community building, providing energy efficiency as well as helping to create a healthy indoor environment for the many members of the public as well as the staff who use the facility.

The The Wat Tyler building in Exeter is home to CoLab, a wellbeing hub bringing together a host of specialist housing, voluntary sector, social enterprise and recovery providers to offer a unique range of opportunities for people looking to rebuild their lives and play a positive role in the community after periods of homelessness, re-offending, drug/alcohol abuse or long term unemployment. The main floor of the building where Omnie Foilboard underfloor heating panels and other equipment have been installed, is divided up into two consultation rooms, a treatment room and waiting rooms as well as circulation space. The five areas are served by a five port Axios manifold, supplied as part of the package and installed by local contractor, Steve Guppy Limited. In total 400 metres of the high performance heating pipe were laid across the Foilboard Floating panels, installed on top of the building’s existing sub-floor. The zones – with individual pipe runs of up to 90 metres in length – were all connected back to the Axios manifold which is fed from the flow and return pipework, connected to the main boiler plant.